Top Insiders’ Recommendations for Online Cloud Coverage service

July 12, 2016 / GuidesFor Team

Global spending for cloud storage and related infrastructure zoomed by 17.6% in the first year of 2016. Revenues reached $1.45 billion in the same time period. These statistics come from  the IDC WW Quarterly Cloud Infrastructure Tracker and indicate that more and more companies will be getting into the cloud. If you’re not yet one of them and are considering getting a cloud service for file storage, this buyer’s guide is a good intro to the advantages and benefits that your company will enjoy once you do so. Storage and immediate accessibility to files, including videos, is one. Another is data protection. Then there is the enhancement of productivity in your office. This buyer’s guide then takes a look at the different service providers that you should put on your list, itemizing their various strengths and how they can apply to your system. Finally, this guide also gives you important tips on how you can maximize your new cloud storage service for data protection and usage. – Cora Llamas. 


CHOICE helps you pick the best online cloud storage service for backing up your computer and giving you access to your files wherever you are.

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