Busting The Top 5 Cloud Myths

October 29, 2018 / GuidesFor Team

If you look up and see white fluffy things up in the sky, you will feel amused by it – the clouds are always a source of joy. In the technology and business sense though, the cloud is both a boon and bane. While there are companies raving about its benefits, there are also those that fear it like the plague.

ZD Net tried to explain the many reasons why a few businesses, especially small and medium sized ones, are afraid of adapting cloud technologies. Most notably, according to author Jason Perlow, there is fear about security, deployment, and the economic aspect of employing cloud services. Worries as to what will happen if attacks happen, hiring capable people to manage the system, as well as the economic feasibility of sustaining such sophisticated services stop many companies from grabbing the chance to reap its benefits.

But it is now 2018 and everyone expects to have all the myths debunked and all the fears sorted out. Surprisingly, there are still many myths hounding around this technology. It is time to break the five common myths about the cloud.  – Crischellyn Abayon

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