Cloud Infrastructures for Container Support

October 29, 2018 / GuidesFor Team

Containers, according to Google, are logical packaging mechanisms which applications can be abstracted from the environment so they can actually run. The mechanism allows for container-based applications to be deployed easily and consistently regardless if they are to be assigned to private data centers, public cloud, or on personal devices. For both company and IT personnel, using containers eases the deployment of programs without bothering each other.

Multiclouds on the other hand, according to Technopedia, is the usage of two or more cloud computing systems at the same time. This could use either public clouds, private clouds, or a combination of the two. This system basically aims to offer redundancy if ever there will be hardware or software failures.

Companies that will take advantage of containers for agility and portability, as well as for all other benefits, will be one step ahead of the competition. This move allows for the efficient storage and deployment of data or services to the ease of moving some or all of them to the public cloud. – Crischellyn Abayon

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